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December 30, 2016

Ellen Taft, Seattle’s Dogged Dog Watchdog, Calls for a Boycott to Protest Unlicensed Pets

Seattle Weekly, by Daniel Person | Ellen Taft, the dogged dog watchdog who in the past has called for a ban on pit bulls and blown the whistle on pet-friendly restaurants, is now calling for a boycott on all Seattle licenses to protest the lack of enforcement on unlicensed pets in the city. Noting widely cited figures that only about 20 percent of dogs in Seattle are licensed, Taft argues that it makes no sense for anyone...

September 3, 2014

Witness tells how he ‘socked,’ threw off pit bulls attacking Seattle woman

Q13 Fox, by James Lynch | Ellen Taft founded Families and Dogs against Fighting Breeds. She’s also written legislation she believes would protect the public from pit bulls and other fighting dogs if it were enacted. She believes something has to be done to control or, at the very least, manage the breed. “I do not go anywhere near a pit bull. The breed itself is inherently dangerous because it was bred, artificially, for fighting,”...

Feburary 5, 2013

Re-Consider the Pit Bull: Corrections to James Gardner’s
Article in Seattle Met Magazine

Letter to the Editor, by Ellen Taft | Yet again, in “Consider the Pit Bull,” a reporter in Seattle has refused to cover the most important aspect regarding the ownership of Pit Bulls. The February article published in Seattle Met, is riddled with inaccuracies, distortions and false quotes. Not only are there many untrue and half-true facts, but there is also a serious omission in the article, “Consider the Pit Bull,” by James Gardner...

August 12, 2012

Dog Shitshow

The Stranger, by Dominic Holden | In response, Taft called on media outlets to promote a Change.org petition asking the Seattle City Council and Mayor Mike McGinn for sweeping legislation to "eliminate all fighting breeds." Specifically, it says fighting breed dogs that are already in the city should be spayed and neutered, and new fighting breed dogs should be prohibited outright. Finally, the petition asks for "safety...

September 11, 2011

Hear Ellen Taft Explain Why Pit Bulls are Bad Tonight

The Stranger, by Unpaid Intern | Tomorrow from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., anti-pit bull activist Ellen Taft, president of the organization Families and Dogs against Fighting Breeds (FDAFB), is staging a rally in Westlake Park entitled Protect Pets in Parks. The rally announcement specifically calls to ban fighting breeds from the city's off-leash areas. Want proof that such a ban is necessary? Taft points to a pro-pit website that...

September 16, 2008

Pit Bullies: Advocates Scrap over Proposed Pit-Bull Ban

The Stranger, by Jonah Spangenthal | A group working to ban potentially dangerous dogs from Seattle has abruptly canceled plans to submit a citizen initiative after receiving threatening e-mails from pit-bull enthusiasts, group members say ... "The harassment was so bad, we decided it wouldn't be safe to send out signature gatherers," says Ellen Taft, a spokeswoman for Families and Dogs Against Fighting Breeds (FDAFB)...

July 30, 2008

Check Your Faux Service Dog at the Door

Seattle Weekly, by Mike Seely | Ellen Taft's counterintuitive take on animal rights took root many years ago in Minnesota, where, as a 31-year-old grad student, she was violently mauled by a pair of neighborhood dogs. Taft was subsequently successful in having her attackers euthanized before moving to Seattle, where, she says, "dogs have immense social privilege." Here, she successfully helped close an off-leash area...

January 31, 2008

Seattleites to vote on ban of fighting dogs

Seattle PI, by Ellen Taft | The Jan. 7 article "Pit-bull paradoxes: Sweet or Savage" left out some very pertinent facts about pit bulls in Seattle. While discussing the increase in the number of registered pit bulls, the author did not mention that 80 percent of dogs are unlicensed, so there are likely to be many more pit bulls than the 1,505 figure quoted. Secondly, the author did not mention the extreme danger that pit bulls other fighting breeds...


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